(N) A vagina that excretes chicken broth when the woman gets horny. 3% of women in America were reported to have chicken tacos last year.
Smelody's vagina tastes just like chicken. I think she excretes chicken broth from it, also known as a chicken taco.

Margie: Honey we don't have any chicken broth for dinner tonight.

Ronald: It's okay just get some from Smelody.

Smelody: Give me some time. I need to think of Sean so I can get horny and excrete some chicken broth for you.
by LickMyChickenTaco January 15, 2010
The act of whacking one's self off whilst giving a girl face.
Person1: Man that Jerked Chicken Taco was awesome.

Person2: Eh, a little too fishy for me.
by Chimeratech Overpwn January 11, 2009
The best crock pot Weight Watchers recipe ever invented. Perfect with tostitos scoops. Perfect for game nights or just a quick meal for dinner. Lasts for about 2 weeks, still tasting like it did from the the first scoop.
I love when Mom makes chicken taco soup when I come home for the weekend.
by lifeguardbabe April 7, 2009
When a Mexican and a black person are in the missionary position during sex
Baby let’s go eat sum fried chicken tacos 😈
by Dannyduncanlover March 26, 2022