A new snack from the city of Leeds, England. A combination of nuts coated with chicken extracts. Then roasted, these are a hit at parties.
by Anonymous October 9, 2003
reproductive organs of a chicken. taste delicious when fried in pig fat.
"I want me some good ol' chicken nuts!"
by Chicken McNutty Nuts April 24, 2003
(adj.) The apparent inability or difficulty of a woman to breathe.
• Typically used by Filipino people within trivial conversations.
My girlfriend has asthma, so there are times when chicken nut bread.
by I want to be a Doctor March 26, 2018
When a Male cannot reach full ejaculation.
“He be doing some chicken nut nonsense
“Yeah, I think he can only chicken nut.”
by Starwarsreina January 11, 2021