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A place where most people are mutants, most girls give birth before the age of 16, and the majority of people will never leave.
"My baby has three heads from living too close to the refineries of lower chichester!"

"I went to Chichester, and so should my kids."
by Jason Samuelson May 31, 2006
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a district in delaware county PA. chichester is also know as chi and some people in the surrounding area call people from chichester chi rats. chi is mad up of 4 towns bootwyn linwood trainer and Marcus Hook each town has its own neigborhood gang most of the women there are sluts and most are hot as fuck half the guys there are wannabe gangsters the other have more so in marcus hook are actual gangstas and rep there town to the fullest and people from chi call people from Marcus Hook hook rats becuase marcus hook is the most getto town in the chichester area
chichester is is getto
by MH4L February 25, 2010
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1.A Place (or shit hole u decide) located in the bottom right corner of pennsylvania where all guys think about sexxx and abuse girls&79% percent of guys have lost there virginity already.And 57% percent know where to get drugs&12% of residents do drugs(including students) 5% of people have lung problems due to refineries(not cause of drugs.) 9% of students have repeated a grade. 18% stay and ruin there lives in chi. 57%percent of girls are above the average in hotness
EX1:I have lung cancer cause of the refineries!Bull****!

EX2:There are to many nice girls in chichester its kinda hard to pick.

Ex3:37 upcoming freshmen will lose there virginitybthis summer.
by N8_Evans_245 July 01, 2009
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the worst place to grow up because of lack of nice girls,damn refineries,drugs,gangs,jerks,& eduucational system.
ex1:i can barely breathe cause of the refineries,stupid chichester.
by N8_da_Gr8_Evans13 June 20, 2009
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