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a combination of Chess and Checkers in which multiple captures are possible with the knight and pawn pieces. All other chess rules apply, including Castling and En Passant. A Capture-Chain can only be performed in combination, not before, during, or after a non-capture movement. Made famous by Ben Cook and Cole Rachal.
Guy 1: Dude, chessers is like chess and sex mixed together.

Guy 2: Yeah, I just got checkmate from across the board. olo.
by chesserchamp July 10, 2008
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1) The use of checkers pieces in a game of chess. Nobody wins because nobody knows what pieces can move where as they are all the same

2) The phrase used when a "king chesser" is unable to move without being caught.
"dude, can this piece move here?"

"chessers is so confusing"

"omg i did it, you're so chessered!"
by Malcolm Turntable June 19, 2009
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