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High school students who are participants in the National High School Institute at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Students usually are between their junior and senior years and spend five weeks of the summer living on campus and studying a specific field of interest, such as engineering, debate, journalism, or theater.
Another flock of cherubs is set to arrive at their dorms the last week of June.
by Jay Li April 04, 2008
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direct meaning: Fat, baby angel with wings;

Used to describe anything that is cute; can be used as a noun or adjective
Look at that little cherub puppy playing in the leaves!
by hellokitty99 November 13, 2014
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1. CHERUB is a series of children's books, written by the author Robert Muchamore. The books feature a fictional division of the British Security Services employing orphaned children. The majority of missions are contracted by MI5, and agents are used based on the assumption that criminals are unlikely to suspect children to be intelligence spies

2. CHERUB is a branch of British Intelligence. Its agents are aged between 10 and 17 years. Cherubs are mainly orphans who have beeen taken out of care homes and trained to work undercover. They live on cherub campus, a secret facility hidden in the english countryside.
Cherubs kick ass

This is tough but cherubs are tougher.
by Unclassified92746284 March 25, 2008
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Little angel, or little alien.
Commonly used by John Rock and his associates, often used in a science class like environment. Also used by those abducted by aliens.
by Leah&Laurel November 01, 2009
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Plural: Cherubim

One of the choirs of angels, in Judeo-Christian lore.

Often confused and mislabeled as baby angels.

The Cherub is NOT a baby angel. Baby angels are called Putto.

The Hebrew depiction took the form of winged bulls, or sphinx-like creatures with the body of a bull, the head of a man, and feathered wings.

Christianity depicted them as beings with four heads. That of a man, lion, ox, and eagle. It also had four wings.

The most famous example of a depiction of cherubim is the "Mercy Seat", which is either the lid, or ceremonial object that rested on top of, the Ark of the Covenant.
Cupid is NOT a cherub.
by Lig Na Baste August 20, 2012
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Cherub is a secret branch of MI5, for children. Made up mostly of orphaned children recruited from Care Homes, these kids receive the highest level of education in the UK, and often go on to the top Universities. By the time they leave at the age of 18 years they will be fluent in more than one alternative language. They will also have completed basic training: six months of cold, hard exercise, little sleep, little food and no comfort. They will also have completed a number of missions in which children are used to do things that adults cannot. Being a member of Cherub is completely optional, and children can refuse to be a part or drop out anytime. They can also refuse to do any mission which they are asked to go on. 'The reason for Cherub's existance is simple: adults never suspect that children are spying on them.'
This is tough, but Cherub's are tougher.
by LinZeHstAr July 15, 2010
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