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The pseudonym of Martin Kierszenbaum, a music executive at Interscope Records, and a producer and songwriter for Lady Gaga. His nickname is mentioned in her songs "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)," "I Like it Rough," and "Starstruck," and is the reason most of you know this term.
Person one: "Why does Lady Gaga say 'cherry cherry boom boom' in so many of her songs?" Person two: "It's the pseudonym of her producer. Sort of how Sean Kingston annoyingly says "JR" at the beginning of all of his songs."
by pbm19 June 27, 2009
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1) A phrase Lady GaGa uses in multiple tracks on her album, The Fame.
2) Can be used to describe something/someone as sexy, especially when referring to some hot dancing.
3) Something sweet to yell when wasted at a loud bar/party.
-Gaga in the room, so starstruck
cherry cherry cherry cherry boom boom

-Check out that hot ass girl...damn! Cherry-cherry boom-boom!

-I'm so drunk! Woo! cherry-cherry boom-boom!

by flygirl69 February 12, 2009
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A three way with two virgins. This is rare and more then likely, impossible. This makes it quite the accomplishment.
"What'd you end up doing last night?"

"I threw down a cherry cherry boom boom, with those two highschool broads."

"No fucking way!, How'd you clean that shit up?"

"Two words for ya: Shop-Vac"

by Entourage that February 14, 2009
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A drink invented by the ingenious minds of The George Washington University, particularly the members of Marquis de Lafayette Hall 308 (09-10). It is a delicious amalgamation of juices and alcohols combined in perfect ratios to create THE ULTIMATE party beverage.
Jennay: I am so hung over this morning!
Meeshy: Blame it on the Cherry Cherry Boom Boom.
by she-deen August 29, 2010
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When a tranny gets outed by having their testicles fall out of their shorts while dancing.
She was twerking on tinychat when she cherry cherry boom boomed, and everyone say it, so she freaked out, and trolled the internet for a while trying to pretend like it was a "bully awareness campaign"
by tinychattersaretrolls June 26, 2012
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