Cheetle, a cheetle is someone who eats cheetos... a lot! Because of this, cheetle's often leave behind orange finger prints. This is an important note to make because cheetle's... often are to blame for many things. These things include, but are not limited to, the following: Rug stains, emotional discomfort, murders, strokes, heart attacks, breaking flower pots, bribing street performers, and general day to day discomforts.
So, considering how many things cheetle's are to blame for... you can imagine why it is nice that they always leave behind orange finger prints.
1. Man! I had a really bad day! All kinds of things went wrong! And there were a ton of just plain odd occurrences...

2. Blame it on the cheetle.
by Mr. G. G. Ginger March 04, 2020
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The orange dust left on your fingers after eating Cheetos, Doritoes, etc.
After I ate some cheetos, my fingers were covered in cheetles.
by trslover May 15, 2010
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the reproductive organs of a cheetah
Dorinda and Chanel, along with their groupie, Lottie/slave, had cheetle sex on friday.
by Cheetle September 24, 2007
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The stuff you lick off your finger after eating cheetos, just like the cum you lick off your fingers after having sex
person 1: ugh stop eating cheetos and touching my stuff, the cheetles are so dirty!
person 2: *continues eating* Shut up
via giphy
by abcdefhi January 16, 2020
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