This doesn't happen often, this while in the middle of enjoying an adult film. The person or persons also enjoy a bag of Cheetos. Then without second thought masterbates with the wrong hand, which in turn leaves his penis orange.
I was watching these two chicks making out then, with out realizing it turned my box cutter into a cheese doodle.
by Pat Meholf May 2, 2006
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Slick and cool slang for a person of any stature, although usually a slick and cool person. Often used after a popular slang greeting.
"What up, cheese doodle?"
"Easy, cheese doodle."
"That cheese doodle had the crowd up and jumping."
by .m3Rcyk!LL February 9, 2009
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a very large clitoris. Resembling a small penis.
Joe- dude that wrestler China is hot!!
frank- yeah but she's got a cheese doodle
Joe- eww
by sedated.sarah May 31, 2009
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when someone turns the saturation on their instagram pictures so far up that anyone in the picture looks like a cheese doodle
yo that girl you showed me has a cheese doodle feed
by thenotirrelevantbitch February 27, 2018
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the act of putting you'er penis in a spring shape and inserting it to your girl
dude me and mandy totally did a wiscompton cheese doodle
by bitchiest nugget November 14, 2016
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