What a poster on an image boards exclaims before getting dubs in the post number. Failure to obtain dubs or higher means the poster is a most certainly a faggot.
Hey remember that one time I got dubs. BTW check'em. (dubs)

OP is not a faggot
by anon7489 February 3, 2011
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telling one person to look at another person who is usually fat ugly or deformed
When me and charlie were on the beach he said check'em to every fat bitch he saw.
by Dopey Edwards January 24, 2005
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1. A casual term for goodbye to mates

2. A rude term for goodbye when used in the appropriate contexts
1. "See ya later redmundo"

2. "Well Children, its the last day of school..."
"CHECK'EM!, You crusty old whorebag!"
by Art Vandalay November 25, 2003
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term used by the very casual hockey "fan" @ 120dB, telling the home team to make contact with the other team.

Usually followed up by "hit em", "kick his ass", or "fuckemup"
I went to the Penguin game last night, and some 300 lb drunk asshole kept yelling things like check'em, puck-in-the-net, Jagr you euro pansy, and hit em with your purse you pussy.
by Ricky Roma November 28, 2003
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