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A place where stupid people go to cash checks for ridiculous un-fathomable fees that never understood how to add and subtract. If you think it’s convenient just understand that you are contributing to a 3 foot tall 800 pound mans ferrari and mansion payments. They sponsor some shitty wigger rapper and are so encumbered with greed and no acknowledgement of anyone other then themselves if there was a purge i know too many people that would spend the whole purge time severing limbs torturing, seeing how many hundred dollar bills that fat piece of shit can eat , etc. etc.
Damn I make 3k a month but can’t manage money worth a fuck. Let’s take my pay stub to check into cash so I can get a payday loan because it makes me fully erect when I think about making payments for two years on a loan for a single week of pay. Thanks you fat greedy fuck.
by PleaseDontGoToCheckintocash January 23, 2018
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