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chavs who deny they are actually chavs that wear eyeliner and cheap naff gothy clothes but still act chavish
chavemo says: *while putting on eyeliner* -'yo big it up innit i is no chav.. are you startin or summin or nuffin?!'
by louisa & natalie September 17, 2006
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a chavemo is a chav that thinks they are 'wellard' if they slit there wrists and turn emo cos its 'fashionable'...when really they are chavs at heart... and they stil act chavvy. they also tend to show off scars and stuff (stupid) then they get tired of acting emo so they go back to their natural state (chav)
I hapen to know a few so I am (unfortunately) an expert on the =P
Chavemo girl: omg look wat iv dun (showing arms) its coz im so depressed innit?
(chav walks past)
Chavemo girl: haha look at that chav!
Chav: your a chav!
Chavemo girl: I aint no chav!! I is emo! cant you see im depressed!

by Jayne_D October 17, 2006
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A chav who listens to emo music.

e.g. Kathryn- A chav who is also a emo, thus she is a chavemo!
by u got served February 27, 2007
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