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When you are on a binge of mind altering substances and spiraling out of control on your journey to Wonderland. Beware The Red Queen. She means to take your head and eclipse your soul in darkness for eternity.
Brother, I have been chasing the white rabbit so hard! I am almost in Wonderland.
by Lord Johanis February 11, 2014
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Chasing the white rabbit is a governmental term, in which we use to describe peoples fascination with chasing down the truth, following leads, even if it takes them down a path of deception. The Department of Defense knows that people will investigate stories overheard in the public or talked about in popular media or locations, and so we can create pools of fabricated beliefs in society, by putting misinformation out in the public about specific subjects. We call it chasing the white rabbit when we create a cover story, that leads a person down a path to misunderstanding. We create thousands of cover stories to deliberately throw off the public, and to fabricate wide spread confusion about anything the government is doing or even things the government is not doing, so that everyone is confused and tricked into not believing something they hear or leads them to having false beliefs about something.
Example: The government recently tested a directed-energy weapon to blanket the United States in snow, as part of a weather control operation. In order to divert peoples attention from the methods of how we did it, we created several cover stories that the snow was chemically created or made of nanobots, which had people literally burning snow and trying to explain why it turned black and didn't melt on live TV. In their endless pursuit of understanding this problem, the public engaged in chasing the white rabbit, completely wasting their time and never getting to the truth. Everyone then dismissed the claims as mere conspiracy theories, when in fact the snow was really manufactured, just using different means (we used a directed energy weapon to redirect cold air from Alaska, diverting the jet stream, among other classified methods).

In fact, the CIA was tied to developing weapons to do just this last year by popular sources of news like Fox News.
by w0g February 18, 2014
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