A Char Char, is a weird and unique girl who is always hyper in the most loving and amazing way possible. A true friend that you can rely on no matter what, if you ever have the honour of meeting a 'Char Char' then never let them go out of your life as you will regret it. Serioulsy, if you know one, hold on to them for good! If you are silly enough to allow a Char Char to leave your life then you will just have to cherish the memories of them, and it is guranteed that you will never forget the memories as they will just be too amazing. Char Char's are very beautiful and its obvious that they have many many lads after them, which is very easy to tell why. The one downfall with Char Char's is their tendancy to live far far away, due to this all Char Chars should be ashamed of themselves. But it is impossible to say mad at them as they are too perfect! She is just so amazing, and if you ever see a Char Char upset then you should instantly forget about yourself and do whatever you possibly can to cheer them up, just for the reward of seeing them smile.

Hey is that a Char Char?!?!?!??! I want oneeeeeeeeee
by That cool guy, who is cool February 20, 2012
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Nickname for someone whose name is Charlie. Comes from the pokemon Charmander.
Charlie: hey kyra
Kyra: CHAR-CHAR <3
by Coldra September 15, 2011
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A nickname for who is superior to others. A buddy that is wicked. (see dude & sweetness)
I love Char Char. He is my buddy.
by badassmother March 31, 2005
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To get rediculously high.
Drew: Hey, did you see Colin the other day at school?
Alex: Yeah man, he was so charred
Drew: I know, i dont even get why he would do that before school
by ef tee dub August 30, 2009
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His/her entry in the Dailygammon forum was charred due to it's questionable nature
by There is only one Amber February 8, 2008
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That Blowjob I Got Last Night Was So Good, It Felt Like It Was From Char Herself!
by MaddoggEros April 12, 2009
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Fun person,hott, usually a girl, very flirtatious, awesome personality.
every man needs a girl like Char.
by Guy Amos January 29, 2005
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