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Charlicia is a very smart and educated friend. Charlicia is also one of the many few to make honor roll. But not only is she educated she can also play dumb at points where she would crack jokes to make you shit yo pants....charlicia is a very unique name put together with her mothers name and her fathers name....."man fuck this" charlicia the perfect friend anyone can ask for she is well sarcastic (come mi pinga) she also is well known for her retarded ass done "here...fuckers"
BTW- charlicia did not do this...Google did✌
Big booty Becky: hey did you shit yo pants Adam?

Adam: hell yea ....that new bihh charlicia funny asf.

Big booty Becky: wit yo ugly block head ahh...nasty bihh...I wanna meet this charlicia girl.

Charlicia: here I come bihh
by Chachabihh March 25, 2017
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A beautiful, sexy, funny, intelligent, dominant, well rounded woman. Has the body of a goddess. She will be very wealthy and giving. Cherish your encounter with her. Can be seen as crazy but she's strong and not one to mess with.
Did anyone see Charlicia today? She is beautiful
by Joyt March 21, 2017
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