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a small shitty town in the asshole of Michigan. rich people live there and poor people run it. buy our fudge its good shit. the ice cream is good too.
when you're in charlevoix you can either
a) buy things (or steal depending or your morals.)
b)jump off things
c) smoke things
d)eat things
or e) sit on things....most commonly benches..
D00d charlevoix is so lame
by ognukka November 10, 2007
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Charlevoix, nicknamed "The Beautiful" is located in the Northwestern part of Michigan, just 50 miles south of the Mackinaw Bridge that connects the upper and lower penninsulas. It is known for it's charm and beautiful lake Charlevoix, which color is turqois. Lake Charlevoix connects to Lake Michigan. The canal that connects Michigan and Charlevoix is in the record books for having two currents. You can see the top and bottom currents working against each other. There is only one other canal in the world that does this. There are beautiful sunsets! Tourists gather at the pier to watch the sun set into Lake Michigan, a must see while visiting there! Put Charlevoix on the top of your "places to visit" list! You will fall in love!
Come to the Venetian Festival. 3rd week in July!
by Jessmine June 26, 2005
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the most awesome town in the wOrLd!!! the greatest people have summer cottages there and the most fun people go there to hang at the bach and walk to town for sandwiches, slurpees, and ice cream!!!!!
charlevoix = paradise
by yeahbud May 15, 2004
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