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An expression used on gears of war by pissed of gamer to describe a guy that is skilled enough to maneuver their shots and get close enough to chainsaw them.
noob who keeps getting chainsawed: waaahh! chainsaw noob keeps killing me!! Stop it or I'll give you a bad report!

The so called chainsaw noob: ermm.. First, you can't report me for killing you. Second I'll stop when you manage to kill me
by safeway XD May 14, 2007
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A player on Gears of War who lacks any kind of skill, and therefore must get all of his/her kills with the chainsaw.


"I hate that fucking chainsaw n00b on the other team! Doesn't he have any kind of fucking skill?!"
by The Skitchmeister October 25, 2007
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A person who is new to tha Xbox 360 game "Gears of War" and therefore uses the chainsaw to gat all of their kills.
if that fuckin chainsaw noob sneaks up on me one more time im giving him a bad review :(
by conebone69 February 03, 2007
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a person in gears of war or gears of war 2 who takes advantage that getting shot with a shotgun from 2inches away and then telepots to you and chainsaws you. dosnt require much skill, only knowlege to realize that stopping power only works forcertain people and pint blanks only work for the host and his team
wow. i shot this guy twice with the shogun from 3 feet away and then he slid and chainsawed me.
by Z3r0s3volution September 15, 2009
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