"Wha!? CT got a cell phone? I thought he hated cell phones! Didn't he always complain about signals and everyone owning one?"
"Yea he did. All he did was complain about them unti he had 'no other option.' That golden-haired fool is a cell-out."
by Dylan Hettinger October 10, 2005
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Scrolling through information in your cell phone, such as text messages or list of contacts. Often a feeble attempt to appear more popular when you have no one to talk to in a given social setting. Also a mindless activity to pass dead time, such as when on the toilet.
John felt awkward because none of his friends were at the party, so he sat in the corner and started to cell out.
by thejollygreengiant November 5, 2009
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A shitty ballpark on the south side of chicago that lives up to its name: Never Sells Out. Home of the Chicago White Sux, the shittier of the chicago teams. Note that it's the Chicago Cubs that get 3 million fans a year at home games, because they're so much better than the sux.

Famed for being the world's largest ghetto

a place where no one gives a flying fuck about baseball because they're all just trying to survive a sux game.
U.S. Never-Cell-Out Field: Where there are more drive-by's than line drives!
by spaghetti cormorant September 3, 2008
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The brief frantic search that occurs when you you think you've lost your cell phone only to find it right in your pocket.
Matt- Why is Bob flailing around like that?
Mary- Looks like a cell phone freak out... yup he found it.
by Tall Cool One February 13, 2010
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