when giving a blow job you use your thumb to massage the part under the balls (taint) until you feel the area that feels similar to a celery stick.
“if you’re giving a blow job, try celery sticking his taint, makes them cum fast.”
by EmmaX3 May 15, 2018
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An amazing vegetable, probably the best of them all. Best eaten with dressing. Nice and CrUnChY.
He ate a Celery Stick
by 231315545945569 August 11, 2020
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the male version of shaking ur lettuce
"brb im just gonna go shake the celery stick!"
by yeahyeahyeah2412 August 18, 2009
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used to describe abnormally large sagging testicles
" look at that guy! his celery cheesecake sticks are hangin out of his shorts! "
by Anonymous January 11, 2003
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