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1. A brotha who is always broke and finds a way to sweet talk females with his sweetness for money and the ponanny.

2. A brotha who likes to take selfie's to show everybody that his phone camera is working.
Heeeyyyy..... ladies!!! Y'all looking hott like a Arizona Cuctis tonight and won't you ladies help cool Ceejai down with a couple drinks ? In return, I'll let y'all rest at my kingdom tonight....
by Mr. Fooshoo V love April 15, 2018
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A beautiful girl that has sparkling blue eyes. Born with brown hair, but likes to express her individuality by dying it a lot. A caring, honest and talented person. She prefers to get through her problems alone, and hates dragging others into things. Isn’t very popular and surrounds herself with kind, loving friends.

Person: β€œShe looks just like a CeeJai”
by xVirgox XDDD May 08, 2018
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