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a town in ny with a lake in the summer and skiing in the winter.
Yo Im going back to cazenovia for the night.
by li`l c January 07, 2008
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A small town in Upstate New York. There are more cows than people in this town, and the many towns outside of it that go to the same school district. Nobody in this town has ever heard of an orthodontist. Everyone here is related somehow because nobody ever leaves this town, and just inbreeds. You might as well live in a bubble if you live in Cazenovia. Nobody has ever heard of Cazenovia unless you have had the misfortune of being born here.
"I was driving to Syracuse and I passed through this wicked crappy town".
"Must of been Cazenovia."
by getmeoutofhere69 October 01, 2012
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The name for all boring small towns in general. Frequently in upstate New York. Very preppy, obsessed with lakes and skiing, think they are good at lacrosse, and are white trashy.
"Last night I was in the most boring small town ever!"

"Haha what a Cazenovia!"
by EpicBaggage May 21, 2009
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Where all the cool kids live. A small town, located anywhere where white trash kids live and play lacrosse and football in the summer and skiing in the winter or buck-tooth farmer kids drive tractors to school. After school the white trash cool kids go into town and act gangsta because they think they're beast. Non-locals just laugh their asses off. Nothing good comes from living in Cazenovia, you'll turn preppy and obnoxious JUST LIKE ME. :D

To live in Cazenovia you must either be white trash or drive a tractor to school. There is no in between.
Wow, he's white trash and ba because he's from Cazenovia, HAHAHAHAHAHA.
by -Your mother in a handbasket- January 07, 2011
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