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1) A party where the majority of attendees are female
2) The opposite of a "Sausage Fest"
"Who's gonna be at the party tonight?"
"Tammy, Sarah, Laura, Monifa, Shaniqua..."
"Sounds like a real Cave Rave."
by JohnoD September 04, 2006
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1 A gathering with a disproportionate ratio of females to males.

2 The diametrical opposite of Sausage Fest.
"The after party for the Indigo Girls show was a full on cave rave. My high hopes were dashed when I realized they were all dykes.''
by spleunker May 28, 2009
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blasting music out of your bedroom, usually alone..
"whatcha doing tonight?"
"im in a bad mood, just gonna have a cave rave"
by madbrendan December 26, 2009
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a gathering of selected party members, whom refuse to go to bed when the clubs pour them out at silly o'clock.

Key items needed are..
1. Some Decks/tunes/Dj's
2. Some mad raving loons to dance in the dingy depths of the cave
3. Candy
4. Horses
"Yeah, so i got home at about 3 the next afternoon, fair messy, fair sleep deprived."

"Who was there?"

"Well ya know, just the usual horses, just horsing around"

"Aaaah ya gotta love the cave rave"
by tarajane April 30, 2007
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