Catskill Mountains, an area in New York State northwest of New York City and southwest of Albany
monome: we design adaptable, minimalist interfaces in the catskills
by NeilJ January 5, 2011
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A place where all hoes, sluts, druggies, and fuckboys originate
Don't talk to that girl, she's totally from Catskill
by oopsimahorribleperson January 12, 2017
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"Yo that guys got mad Catskills"

"let em see those Catskills"
by Max Alexandre March 19, 2009
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1. A mountain range in the state of New York
2. One's talents of behaving in a cat-like manner
3. Mountainous breasts
-Yo bro, you see the rack on that broad?
-Whoa man, those are some catskills right there!
by jgeorgs March 31, 2013
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When a man dips his scrotum into a coffee mug filled with warm elderberry syrup for medicinal purposes. He is often wearing a T-shirt with no pants. The scrotum must be submerged for at least an hour to achieve any kind of benefit.
I was starting to feel a little under the weather so I gave myself a Catskill Blackbeard and I started feeling much better... until my wife came in and asked what the fuck I was doing.
by champduncancraig February 24, 2010
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the place to spend your summer. although filt with underage teens high outta their minds you can make memories to last a life time. friends that become family and your summer love. with things to do every night. teens are out to curfew having a the time of their lives. on the weekends party’s and small concerts. if you don’t spend your summer at catskills adventure resorts your missin out:))
hey wanna come to the catskills adventure resorts with me this summer?
by joe, joe mama December 14, 2019
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