A slang name for people from Honduras.
Anthony is a catracho feo
by Yeah Boyyyy1111 October 13, 2011
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Catracho is a name for a male that has family from Honduras, OR born in Honduras. Just as a Catracha (with "a" at the end) is a female born in Honduras or with family from Honduras. For example, how Mexican Americans have their name which is Chicano, Hondurans have Catracho/Catracha.

Other things can be Catracho or Catracha. In a big type of Honduran music, punta music, people will say "Punta Catracha!!!" meaning Punta music from Honduras.
person A: Hey what is that guy over there with a blue white and blue flag with five stars in the middle?

Person B: that guy is a proud Catracho.

Person A: Did you notice that All White T's Made from Kirkland are made in Honduras?

Person B: *Checks his T* Wow your right! I guess i got a Catracho T. Or Camisa Catracha.
by Honduran Cholo November 14, 2006
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Another word used to define Hondurian
Mike: Hey bro what does Catracho mean

Jake: its another word use to define Hondurian

Mike: oh thanks , are you Hondurian?

Jake: yes in fact i am and i am very proud to be Hondurian!!!!
by Wholikes_chikkin November 30, 2019
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