T-shirt worn to signify the center of the hustle or the hustle-ees.
Man-"Where can I get that stuff?"
Man-"Go on down to the stoe to them dudes outside wearin the White T, dont act a fool."
by realismplz June 26, 2011
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an other word for white t-shirt
you lookin dummy in that white t.
by Gayonne October 16, 2005
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a shirt worn when ready to fight rival gang members
i put on a white t and whup the crip's ass
by Cameron November 19, 2003
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When a male gets cum on his area between the balls and asshole (A.K.A the taint) and his wife or girlfriend licks it off and spits it in his mouth
I can’t resist girls who know the White T
by Henrydickthong42069 March 4, 2018
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A lower class, uneducated, poor white person-White Trash
It is a noun and an adjective. When someone does something characteristic of a white trash person, you can say. That is so White-T. As a noun, You are totally White T.
by boombala September 10, 2006
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A Chicago born band, led by lead vocalist Tom Higgenson. They have two cds, Stop and All That We Needed. If youre a real hardcore fan, you will also have their first, not well known cd (making three all together) titled Come On Over. Its hard to find, but the freaks should have it. Higgenson is backed up by Dave Tirio - Guitar, Mike Retondo - Bass & Vocals, De'Mar Hamilton - Drums, Tim Lopez - Guitar and Vocals. The boys are finally making their way through the scene getting some air time on Fuse, and before you know it these boys next door will be your new favorite band. The T's are also the best alternative/indie/whatever you wish to call it band.. ever.
Have you heard of the Plain White T's song 'Penny'? Its one of their best!
by H to the ANNA + H August 26, 2005
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A fashion statement where one refuses to wear clothing with any kind of message or brand name, this usually ends up being a white T-Shirt and shorts or jeans.
Luke would not be caught dead wearing Hollister or Hot Topic. He's white t-shirt.
by codenamesmash December 26, 2008
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