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1. Revenge for the happening of a catch or catch-22.

2. A consequence for lies or a deceptive course of action.

3. An act of solving a problem by creating a larger problem.
NOTE: An example of a catch-23 can be based on SOMEBODY making SOMEONE pay for their trickery or being scandalous.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 11, 2008
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One more than a catch-22. A highly unusual catch-22. I have said "Catch-23" MANY times and NO ONE catches it ...all they hear is Catch-22
((He found himself between a rock and a hard place)) I'm in a Catch-23 situation.
by Klaatu_v8 August 25, 2008
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One logical step beyond the classic "Catch-22" (you may be excused from bombing missions if you've become combat-crazed, but if you're mentally able to actually request to be excused, then this indicates that you must also still be sane enough to continue fighting), this horrendously unreasonable and unrealistic stipulation states that if you are physically/mentally/emotionally disabled, you are eligible to begin receiving disability benefits, but if you are fit/lucid enough to be able to apply for said benefits and to properly fill out the required paperwork, then you must not be too disabled to hold a job.
I'm probably eligible for veteran's children's benefits, since I am unable to hold a job due to my traumatic upbringing caused by my veteran father's PTSD, but I am afraid to apply for it because I might not only be turned down due to Catch-23, but I might also lose my SSI and Food Stamps, since my act of applying would cause me to be brought more to "their" attention, and thus I would greatly risk being a victim of "and furthermore" syndrome.
by QuacksO February 03, 2017
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