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To become suddenly emotional because of a recent event that is usually trivial. It can be something exciting or stressful. Mainly a Southern slang-term.
1. They catch the vapors and have to be put to bed every time the temperature reaches 80 degrees.
by Fridayeven April 24, 2008
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(1) To get caught up and interested in what someone else has or what they do and, want to be involved in it.

(2) To dislike someone for a certain period of time and then all of a sudden like them for materialistic reasons once, you've found out about thier status or what they have.
(1) Shannon's catching the vapors over that guy who drives the Lexus.

(2) Ron turned her down in high school, now that he sees her, he caught the vapors because she's with another person.
by F-40 May 16, 2004
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You gonna be catching the vapors in your riced-out piece of shit while I smoke you in my Mazda RX7.
by Nick D May 28, 2003
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