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Ok first off, I've seen this as dog in the bathtub on this site and it is wrong. Dogs love water, cats hate water. Which is why when you are fucking a girl in the ass and manage to get your nuts up in her too it is called cat in the bathtub. Have you ever tried to keep a cat in a bathtub? It is about as tough as getting both nuts up a girls ass.
I was fucking me Julie in the ass last night and I stuffed my nuts in her ass too. Man, she thrashed around like a cat in a bathtub!
by Lebonier March 30, 2005
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A sexual act involving trying to push your testicles into someone's anal cavity during non-participatory guy on girl intercourse.
Usually done to try to get more enthusiastic involvement from your partner.
"Man, I was banging Shana the other night, and she was laying there all comatose, so I tried stuffing my balls in her ass... It was like trying to stick a cat in a bathtub..."
by Turd Ferguson 74 March 05, 2009
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