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A man who owns more than two cats.

His home will have numerous cat toys and at least 2 litter boxes. The cats will likely have different dietary requirements from one another. Guests to his home should avoid wearing clothing, which will inevitably be covered in hair upon sitting down. He will alternately dote upon and express profound frustration about his furry charges.

Note that this should not be confused with a hoarder. Although there may well be evidence of litter box-related accidents, the cat wrangler's cats will be *alive*.
"One cat, you're a guy with a cat. Two cats, you're a guy who wants his cats to have some company. Three cats, you're a cat wrangler....clear your schedule."
by CatNumberFour October 22, 2012
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to be lame and inadequate.a little bitch who is male and can't show any qualities of a 'real' man.A man who if wrangled a cat, would lose,pants down.
royce is such a little bitch,he's such a cat wrangler.
by benoss May 27, 2007
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