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horrible watery pressurized diarea,possibly caused by that last can of hot dog chilli you ate, with the botch in it. shoots out of your ass so fast it bounces off the water and coats the bowl,your ass and possibly the wall behind you. also catleberry fart, this is when you think it's just gas, and faster then you can say OH SHIT!! you've got a leg and a shoe full. see also the catleberry shuffle, you do this dance move after you let a castleberry fart.
OUTA MY WAY!! I got a castleberry coming!
by lostfor July 26, 2007
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A homosexual sexual postion where one partner lies on his back and the other squats over him.
Keith and Shannon used the castleberry position for maximum anal penetration.
by Seven Teen November 13, 2003
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To show lots of interest into someone, but them blow them off without talking to them.
I spoke to that girl for hours, but I'm going to pull a castleberry on her.
by 89-LX October 09, 2009
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