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if your a carola, your absolutely amazing, they're so gorgeous, everyone wants a be you. they're very nice people, that like to help everyone. carola's are very funny, and have the most beautiful eyes. carola's are super beautiful creatures. they are beyond gorgeous, they have everything a guy wants, if you dont have a carola you better go get one NOW! hurry they are very rare!
did you see that carola?

yes, shes beautiful i wish i had a carola.

You better get one cause their very rare!
by Spicychickita6 January 01, 2013
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The German version of the common name "Carol." Carolas are usually spunky and smart, and often make clever jokes. Carolas have been known to excel greatly in the worlds of both sport and education.
"Did you hear that joke that Carola made in maths class?"

"Yes, shes a clever one, that Carola"
by Jaj_Ja_Ja_Ja February 06, 2010
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Carolas are gorgeous, but my Carola is AWESOME, she is so fckng adorable, I would like to hold her and kiss her all the day. Unfortunately, I can't, she is far far away from me and sometimes I think she is still in love with her ex girlfriend. Yes, my Carola is gay, I'm gay. She is the most gay girl in the world, she is the girl with the biggest heart in the world. She likes to broke hearts some of the times, but she likes you, even if she don't say a word about it. She is always working, she is always bussy, she is always mad at her mom, but she still loves her so much.
She loves what she does, she loves drawing, she love designing, she loves telling me I'm the most dramatic girl in the world. She loves Taylor Swift, she loves to sleep, she loves milk, even if I say that she is lying. She hates cats, she hates my cats more than everything. She hates cigarrettes, or drugs or swearwords. She hates agricultural music.

Carola always wears a rainbow bracelet, and a square ring.

She is always telling me Grumpy.

If you even have the privilege of kissing her, you will fall in love on her for sure. (I hope not...)
She knows that I want her to be MY girl, but she does not want it to happen. Maybe later, she is always saying, maybe later.
Despite that, I still love her.
Hey Carola!
Hey Grumpy!
How are you?
Bad you broke my heart...
I DID NOT! Please lets not start this again....
by AdorableGrumpy August 25, 2013
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a singer from sweden. she representated sweden in the eurovision song contest three times, taking us to first in 1991. she's also very ugly and old like madonna.
carola is a swedish singer, who is very ugly and old.
by Philip K July 18, 2006
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