Uber-hottie (even gay men would do her).

Dave Navarro hit that shit.
MTV's ratings went up 4000% when they put that show on with Carmen Electra.
by Davezor January 28, 2004
A hot sexy babe who any red blooded male would want to please. I'd give my life to suck her off and make her cum in my mouth. She is simply the most beautiful and sexy babe in the world.
by RebelINS June 29, 2004
Sexiest woman in the whole fucking universe. Perfect face, fantastic bangable body, awesome eyes.... dude this chick could pee all over my chest cause I bet she pees Dom Perignon.
Give me Carmen Electra over Angelina-Overrated-Jolie anyday.
by Chad VanderGriff April 23, 2008
a fine babe who everyone wants 2 have a go with
im so stoked i had a go with carmen electra
by harry August 8, 2004
Carmen Electra is prolly the sexiest women ever. The combination of Native American & Caucasian gave her that stunning face which looks like a work of art, of course her body is nice too.
la la la la la la laaaa laaaaa laa laaa
by hi April 16, 2005
a fine babe who every1 wants 2 have a night with
im so stoked i had a gfo with carmen electra
by harry August 8, 2004