Jeff was all like, "Eu sou carioca!" ..But he was a nasty white liar.
by COISA LINDA June 21, 2006
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Its a Slang of people who lives in Rio de Janeiro- Brasil, like Mano- Dude, Bro, Pá,Pakas maneiro among other
guy: I am Maneiro (cool, radical)
other guy: This is Carioca's Slang?
guy: Yes, Manow (mano, bro)
by GamerGirl01 January 21, 2015
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José "Zé" Carioca is a cartoon anthropomorphic parrot created by the Brazilian cartoonist José Carlos de Brito
Has a sexy af voice

And is boyfriends with Donald Duck & Panchito Pistoles
Guys what was the name of that super cool parrot again?
José Carioca?
by Todee September 4, 2021
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