5 definitions by bigchungus1212

A rather large dog that is slightly overweight and seems to look like a meatball. Synonyms include may include Bella, meatball, or fat dog
by bigchungus1212 April 29, 2022
A fully grown man with a Fortnite addiction as well as a diagnosis of chronic explosive diarrhea. He may also have toe fungus between his nasal cavities as well as two three-sided thumbs.
That man must be a Fartniter, look at his exquisite gaming performance and his fiduciary thumbs.
by bigchungus1212 May 6, 2022
That class that teaches a dead language with the help of (made up) stories and (made up) characters. And has ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT ON YOUR LIFE BESIDES GIVING YOU LANGUAGE CREDITS FOR THE LATIN DEGREE YOU WILL NEVER GET BECAUSE ITS A DEAD LANGUAGE.
That class looks like Latin three, all they do is learn about stuff that isn't worth learning about
by bigchungus1212 May 8, 2022
Look at those carbon dioxide pods. Apple is probably selling them at a bajillion dollars a pair.
by bigchungus1212 May 9, 2022
A fully grown man with a diagnosis of chronic explosive diarrhea as well as toe fungus between his nasal cavities and two three-sided thumbs. He may also have an incurable Fortnite addiction.
That man looks like a Bigfoot Ryan, the traction that those three-sided thumbs give him is exquisite. He also blows up public restrooms on a regular basis.
by bigchungus1212 May 7, 2022