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An erection of the penis, attained whilst traveling in a car.
John stayed in the car, because he secretly had a car-don.
by Mr. Pork January 28, 2011
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An erection acquired whilst innocently travelling in a car.
Hardon + Car = Cardon
I cant get out of the car yet, I have a massive cardon
by danielsan74 April 26, 2011
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A woman hard on for when a male is buying her alot of stuff with his credit card. Esentially, gets horny when money (credit cards) is spent on her.
Jenny got such a card on when I took her shopping at Saks fifth avenue. She was ready to bang me in the dressing stall.
by d1rewolf17 March 08, 2009
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The type of hard-on guys get in a car, usually while driving over a continuously bumpy road.
Guys in a car going on a camping trip:
Hey - check-out Jake - he's asleep, but has a c'ard-on.
That's funny!

Guy thinking to himself:
Damn bumpy road - giving me a c'ard-on.
by RNPS June 18, 2007
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1. When a person who plays trading card games (e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering) enters a state of euphoria after acquiring a rare, valuable, or otherwise useful card, usually from a booster pack.

2. When a person who trades or collects cards of any sort strongly desires to obtain a specific card.
1. "Dude, when I pulled that Jester's Hat back in '92, I got such a card-on!"

2. As the young boy stared hungrily through the card store's glass front, he experienced his first card-on for the vintage Babe Ruth rookie card.
by Legsman February 10, 2010
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An unexpected erection or heightened sexual tension aroused via travelling in a car.
This awkward disposition can occur regardless of family members or sexually unattractive friends, pets or even nobody at all. It is brought on by boredom, which leads to thoughts of sex. Vibrations of the road cause friction within the loins and stimulate the minds lust for love.

A cardon can be applied to the following situations; travelling via flight, rail or boat.

A cardon nearly always occurs at an inappropriate moment, usually at the end of a journey or at a moment when you are expected to leave your seat.
The car park was busy, but there was a large space outside the restaurants main entrance. Everyone I knew was braving the cold winter breeze just to welcome us to my mother’s 50th birthday party. She was so surprised to see so many people and climbed out the car with such gusto. The rest of my family, including our dog Lucy rushed to the excited crowd. Moments later they were all looking over to the car, wondering if i was about to surprise my mother with another birthday prank, perhaps?
The driver asks me, "Are you not getting out mate?"

"I can't, I've only got a frickin Cardon!"

"Just put your head back against the seat sir, I'll sort it."
He climbed out of the front of the car, removed his hat and solemnly told my family that I was dead.

Example 2

Delivery van turns up at the front door. An excited young man rushes down the path.

"Have you got my new tv?"


"Well may I have it?"

"Not yet mate. Got a bit of a carndon situation."
by lomosapien December 22, 2011
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