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A way to commit suicide by driving a car on a very busy highway/freeway/interstate at a very high speed, setting the car into cruise control and then climbing out of the car through the window and standing on top of the car as if the driver were surfing until the car hits something.
"Some dude in Arizona went car surfing on the freeway and killed himself."
by IceWarm March 24, 2006
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The practice of riding in other friend's cars as a main source of transportation. Mostly practiced by 15-18 year olds who do not own cars, however occasionally practiced by adults. Name is taken from the more popular couchsurfing.
Dude, Andrew is always carsurfing like a motherfucker. He needs to get his own damn ride!
by Pinkythefloyd July 28, 2010
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A passtime where a person rides on the outside of a car. In modern car surfing a cord is wearn around the weast of the car surfer and is like a bungie cord. But it is still a very dangerous sport.
by Deep blue 2012 May 03, 2010
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Riding on the outside of a car, usually at a normal driving speed speed much like trainsurfing. Usually done by a passenger, unlike when someone attempts to ghostride the whip.
What happened to your arm?

I was carsurfing the other night and wiped out.
by DPDX June 24, 2007
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Driving fast, weaving in and out of traffic on a 4 lane or better road, trying to get ahead of the other cars, so you can get to where your trying to go faster.
I hate getting caught in slow traffic, so I usually end up car surfing away to spread myself out from the rest of the pack.
by Lawrence Wittman February 20, 2007
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