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car fetish (adjective) refers to a special type of mental disorder in which mostly a male person does pay extreme attention to his car more than his family or friends.

- a person who cares about his car much more than his fiance, girl friend or wife.

- someone who is taking care of his car in an unusual, unexpected or extra-ordinary way.

- someone who likes to spend most of his spare time with his car rather than his family or friends.
Example 1:
Karim is such a car fetish freak! He has dedicated his life to his SLX Peugeot.

Example 2:
Karim is a car fetish monster. He never brings his car to the carwash. Instead, he always wash it by hand! Just because he is afraid of the possible scratches that may be left on the car body.
by WildWetWords August 20, 2018
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so basically this is a disease cause basically people who got this fetish will soon like to watch cars in porn sites and this disease is very weird i should say i mean...
who wants to watch car vids on porn sites
oy lad you have a car fetish ay?
by Woшкент June 14, 2018
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