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A child who does not sleep day or night.
Likes to crack open a midnight middie while watching the late news on channel 10.
His grass is just aching to be ripped up and he enjoys people beeping whilst going past at 1 am.
He is the center of the wawawawawa craze and will have to learn to enjoy it coz it aint stopping.
"get some sleep" (whilst finger waving profusely in canepps' face).
by Rmac June 18, 2006
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a clueless young man that has a sleeping condition called "wokenupbybeeplateatnightis" which has resulted in the formation of gigantic bags under his eyes.He is so sleepy that he has missed the bus for sport aswell as missing out on an entrance to TAFE because of his sleep deprived condition. Canepps is known to randomely turn up late to a class whilst eating a cold chicken drumstick, which states that he has absolutley no idea.

The statewide ritual of beeping past canepps' house in the early hours of the morning(about 1am) has caused compaints by his neighbours. Canepps has had an outburst of chanting directed towards him,the most frequently used being "get some sleep!!!".

Canepps is known to have a tradition of having a few "midnight middies" late at night as a last attempt to go to sleep.

The waving of fingers in his face simultaneously as a "WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA!!" is commonly performed by the locals of the Carine area, especially during school hours. His reaction to this is a squint of the eyes,a frown, red face and an attempt to slap some hands away from his face, which is the last defence for a person in his position.

AS this child is crippled by "wokenupbybeeplateatnightis", you may sponsor this child to ensure that he gets a good nights rest. Please apply on and take pity on this sleepy young man.
Brayden says-"just get some sleep Canepps",
Canepps replies-"i...",
The whole of year 12 interupts by saying-"get some sleep, get some sleep!!!!"(repeated many times over while many people wave their fingers in his face),
This is followed by approximately an hour of laughing from various people.
by RMACULAS June 22, 2006
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