The definition of this phrase can be looked on differently, depending on context. The first is probably most obvious of the two simply describes somebody's luscious vagina.

The second, perhaps not as clear and used less often, refers to those who are "up their own ass"; who think they're the dog's bollocks/cat's pyjamas, and are generally disliked for this.
Definition One:

Guy 1 - You see that chick I was chattin' to last night?
Guy 2 - Aw, yeah. She was HOT, dude!
Guy 1 - She has a sweet candy cunt too ;)

Definition Two:

Gal 1 - Oh my Gosh!
Gal 2 - What is it?
Gal 1 - See that bitch over there? She must think she's a real candy cunt!
Gal 2 - Gosh, girls these days..
by The Krowe October 11, 2010
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1) A pussy that looks so good and tastes so good, you could definites have it all day long.

2) A pussy that feels so good, it gives you the shivers when you hit it or lick it.
3) A hoe that is so sweet, you have to take advantage of her.
4) A hoe that gives it to you so good, you feel sugary inside and out. You tend to lose control and feel
like you are levitating, and all you can sense is that that cunt feels or tastes so good.
5) Sex that feels so good, you get excited when you get to do it all over again. It makes you feel like a kid in a candy shop.
1) Last night when I was with Anna, I found out she has a candy cunt.
2) Last night, I walked in on Tina and I saw that pussy. She definitely has a candy cunt.
3) Angela is a candy cunt. I want to hit it in the worst way!
4) I was in Jessica last night. Man, you should definitely hit that candy cunt!
5) Last night, I was at the club and hit the jackpot. I hit the candy cunt jackpot for real!
by Thotcrates October 03, 2016
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