A style of chorus line dance that has its origins in the Montparnasse area of Paris in the 1830s. Most popularly depicted as a chorus line of beautiful women in frilly, suggestive costume circa 1890 doing impossibly high kicks in unison, in addition to moves like the ronde de jambe and flirtatious manipulation of the skirt. This latter is particularly true at the end of the number, when the cancan dancers generally turn their backs to the audience and lean forward, lifting up their skirts to reveal their bloomers.
Though several musical pieces have been written for the cancan, the most quintessential and famous piece is the "Galop Infernal" from the operetta "Orpheus in the Underworld."

You know:

Daah, da-da diddle da-da, da-da diddle da-da, da-da diddle da, dadadadadadada daah, da-da diddle da-da, da-da diddle da-da, da-da diddle da, da-diddle-da!
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon June 22, 2005
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As in the CanCan Girl. The original dirty dancer, the ones who drove the frenchmen wild. Thanks to glasnost, Russians can now watch cancan girls on their colour tv's.
She's a cancan girl. The way she talks, move, flirts, everything about her thinks you should be in Vegas playing the slots with her.
by e_hutto March 10, 2003
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Beyond rubbish,A person that doesn't do a single thing right/eats pure utter smegma
Lex: i will beat u at pool fag
"Loses to everyone in the bar"
Cris: haha u lost u silly cancan
by Riceboy October 21, 2020
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This is when a woman opens her legs you grab a bicycle and perform a foot jam (balancing on the front wheel) so that part of the tire enters her vagina.
Here's abootah chatrak going for the complex vaginal cancan and oh he's stomped it. What a fantastic bit of skill.
by Asda carpark August 28, 2017
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The can-can (also spelled cancan as in the original French /kɑ̃kɑ̃/) is a high-energy, physically demanding dance that became a popular music-hall dance in the 1840s, continuing in popularity in French cabaret to this day. Originally danced by couples, it is now traditionally associated with a chorus line of female dancers. The main features of the dance are the vigorous manipulation of skirts and petticoats, along with high kicks, splits, and cartwheels.
Can you do the CanCan?

Yes of course i can do the cancan the cancan is so easy a caveman can
by Α March 10, 2022
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