Camp (n.) and Campy (adj.): Being so extreme that it has an amusing and sometimes perversely sophisticated appeal. Over the top and farcical, intentionally exaggerated so as not to be taken seriously. Found primarily in television, theatre and motion pictures, camp endeavors for satire and, for those who fully understand and appreciate the risible nature of its material, it's not surprising when it develops a cult following.
Both 'The Little Shop of Horrors' and 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' are movies widely considered very campy, particularly to those of my generation.
by Lisa Pease January 2, 2015
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Your camp friends that you love more than the entire planet but don’t get to see that often because they live far away.
Dylan: I haven’t seen my campies since camp. I really need to make plans with them soon.
by Squishysquid457 February 22, 2019
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“Camp” n. or “Campy” adj. refers to intentionally exaggerated thematic or genre elements, especially in television and motion picture mediums. “Camp” style willfully over-emphasizes certain elements of the genre or theme, creating an almost self-satirical milieu. Some of the most popular examples include the James Bond films (exaggeration of espionage activities) and the original Batman series starring Adam West.

Because it strives for satire, intentional camp is likely to have a sophisticated cult following, consisting of the people who "get it." See, for example, the remarks of Mystery Science Theater's Joel Hodgson: "The right people will get it!"
I hated the TV show Alias until I realized how campy it was! Now I think it's great!
by Circuitloss June 29, 2006
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adj. overacted or exaggerated (sometimes purposely), kitschy
The move "Fifth Element" was too campy for me.
by Don Jewett March 5, 2004
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campy adj. = cheesy + awesomeness. frequently used to describe B horror movies that have achieved cult status.
Sam Raimi's Evil Dead II has long been one of my favorite, campy B-grade horror movies of all time
by nikoel April 25, 2007
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A nickname for a degenerate who feels that they have the best VMP shot in Call of Duty.
Friend 1: Bro look at my VMP shot, i am the best
Friend 2: Bro stop being such a campy
by OGMUDDICK August 22, 2017
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A nickname for Campagnolo, the finest bike components ever to grace a bicycle.
I spent mucho dolares for my Campy Record group.
by sanjuro_kurosawa February 27, 2008
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