An appearance of a present day well known actor in an old film/tv show when they were unknown.
That lady from Law and Order Criminal Intent has a Reverse Cameo as the daughter in "What About Bob".
by Nedryerson October 18, 2014
A Cameo Appearance, is when someone attends a function / event they are invited to for a short period of time. A Cameo appearance is made when you can’t really be fucked turning up, but do so to stop being ribbed by the boys for being weak as piss.

One often makes a Cameo appearance, when they are only allowed out of the house for short periods of time. A Cameo appearance is used to keep both the boys and the Mrs happy.
Roger you’re not going away for the whole Queens birthday weekend are you? “

“No my love, I will just make a Cameo appearance.”
by Queen Lizzy May 30, 2019
describing a Singapore person who faps to local bus deployments, often leaving his semen on the cameo.
Marvin is a cameo enthusiast whom the police are looking to arrest
by Singapore Buses June 18, 2020
The event of an acquaintance or friend appearing in a dream without being a central feature.
"Hey Ted, you were in my dream last night!"

"That's kind of creepy Robin..."

"Not at all, just a dream cameo. I was on a date with Chewbacca and you quickly walked through the restaurant trying to find Harry Potter's wand."
by flipthepower August 21, 2011
outgoing, diffrent, selfish at times. But you have a hudge heart and care about everything and everyone around you. You are not a quitter, but a fighter. you also have alot of passion for life. Very unique name for a very unique person. love the spelling and the way the name rolls off the tunge!
by Cameo1980 February 3, 2010
Flat top hair cut from the late 80's... early 90's
That boy got a fresh cameo cut!
by Arianna8 November 29, 2016