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Camelling Originated in early sixties on the coast of NSW
It is the act of humping old ladies preferably residing in nursing homes and scoring the results

The older the better a point for every year over 70
double bonuses if on medication or have artificial limbs
Triple bonus points if in a coma
Camelling a new sports rage he managed a huge score on reaming mavis who was on life support and had two wooden legs
by Beata score of 88 July 05, 2009
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The act of using ones tongue to grasp at a drinks straw instead of simply placing the straw in your mouth using your hand
(Similar to how a Camel strips leaves off of a Bush and/or Tree)
Watch that girl camelling it looks really strange

Haha dude that girl was totally camelling that straw
by Sway Smith April 24, 2011
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