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Any food item, snack, or meal that contains an ungodly amount of calories (and usually fat, too). It is guaranteed to go straight to your waist, hips, and/or ass, blowing your figure to hell in the process.

Guilt and the consumption of calorie bombs go hand in hand, although the former is rarely strong enough to override the impulse to do the latter.
Bob: "Oh man, I just ran five miles, and I was so hungry when I got home that I inhaled an entire goddamn bag of Cheetos."
Larry: "Why would you do that? You just got hit with a calorie bomb."

Jenny: "I think I'm going to order dessert. Mmmmm, chocolate cake."
Susy: "Two words: CALORIE BOMB. Are you sure you still want it?"
Jenny: "Well, not when you put it that way."
by J - Train April 20, 2010
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