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Peter Mallory is the biggest memelord. Mr Callory enjoys to be touched violently in his store cupboard.

The way to become one of these magical creatures is to use these words:
* callory burps loudly* RAGOO *everyone laughs* SHUP
by Mr Callory April 19, 2018
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Fattening carb-units that you consume from munching on junk food while languidly yacking on the telephone, and thus said overly-rich-nutrients are more effective at packing on the pounds, just as they are if you chomp on chips and beer while sedentarily watching TV on the couch instead of exercising.
If you love gabbing with your buds on the horn for extended periods, a simple way to avoid the effects of callories is to only chow down on celery and carrot sticks (unsalted peanut butter can help make these "dull" foods more palatable) during these intervals, and save the tastier starchy/salty/sugary snacks for times when you're more active.
by QuacksO October 03, 2019
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