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An instance of conflict between two telecommunication nodes (e.g. telephones, VoIP apps), due to simultaneous attempts at establishing a call to one another.

Note: Callisons are most common following dropped calls, as both parties immediately attempt to reestablish the call.
If the call drops again, let's avoid another callision; please wait for my call.
by Alex BATKO March 14, 2010
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The result of irritating cell phone audio delay, whereby each person seems to be speaking at the same time. Each utterance crashes into the other person's, which makes both parties stop and repeat. Callision may involve many verbal pile-ups in a single call. Some believe this is a ploy by cell phone providers to make customers use more minutes, as well as sound ridiculous to eavesdroppers.
I wa . . I want to . . I want to go to . . . You know what, I'm going to just email you to avoid this callision.
by Marty Orchard February 23, 2011
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