1) When someone was previously doing something but decided to stop it. It could be when someone quits a job, sports team, personal goal, a project, a relationship, etc.

2) referring to the rumor that Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) "broke up" with Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy). This supposedly happened during the 2005 Warped Tour, also known as the summer of like to fans. Infinity On High was released by FOB in 2007 with the song Bang The Doldrums, among the many tracks that released with the album. Petekey stans suspect that this bop, among many others, is about the mychem bassist. They say that Pete got emo about the breakup and proceeded to write the bop, as he would usually do with all of his relationships. The term "Call it quits" is mentioned directly in the song just before the first chorus.

jonathan: yo did you hear about kylie and jen? they called it quits!
logan: no way! that shit's whack!

carson: yo fuck this; i'm calling it quits


"I couldn't bring myself to call, except to call it quits"

{Bang The Doldrums, Fall Out Boy}

mikey: thanks, pete. now everyone thinks we dated

pete: *sweats* mikeyway and i? nahh. we're just Sweet Little Dudes


toxic fan: omg did u know that pete and mikey totally dated??? there's a bunch of proof that they did!! they should just stop pretending and get back together already!!-
joselyn: there's no actual proof that they were together. and even if they did, they decided to call it quits for a reason. they both have children and are living happily with their significant others. respect that. you can dream about it but don't harass them. it's disrespectful and toxic.
by bitchyanon October 16, 2019
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