An Irish YouTuber that plays a mix of modern and classic video games. His videos are very humorous, and he often messes around with games and plays them in unintended ways instead of trying to complete them. He has created many well-known characters who appear in his videos, such as the Dear Leader Jim Pickens and Turg.
Person A: Did you hear, Call Me Kevin's got 2 million subscribers.
Person B: Yeah, I'm so happy for him!
by UltraHylia July 30, 2020
What you tell someone when you have no intention of calling them back
I had fun tonight. You should give me a call sometime!
by Shortcake79 April 23, 2004
Call me Dutch
Means to be very laid back and chill, and one can only be called Dutch if they have the logo "Call Me Dutch" on a select piece of clothing (for example: Hats, shirts, shoes, etc..)

You aren't one to do any drugs or alcohol but you still manage to have a good tiime.
Person 1: Dang you're really cool and chill af
Person 2 (with the logo "Call Me Dutch"): Just Call me Dutch.
by DutchIsIn October 20, 2013
Makes great music for people with mental health problems or any other people.
Hey you should listen to call me karizma

I do listen to him, I’ve been listening since black and blue came out!
by GayTrash09 June 7, 2018
How most people say "Did You Call Me?"
Slow the fuck down when you talk and you won't sound like such a German!
Kevin: "Jew call me last night?"
Corey: "Please slow down when you talk Kevin. You just said the word jew."
by M Dogg March 26, 2005
A phrase that is said after having executed a play to gain an advantage over your opponent.
Call me Shakespeare cos I make da playz.
by rolique November 20, 2014