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literal translation of the spanish verb "calar", which means many things, among them "to do" (both things in general and people, as in sex) and "to use" (particularly when it comes to a procedure or method). it should be noted that "calate" when used in a sexual context can be about as ambiguous as "hook up", in that it can mean "make out with," "have sex with", or most any sexual activity in between.
"calate" can be both transitive and intransitive, and is never followed by a preposition. past tense: "calated".
i want to calate that fine-ass bitch.
i'm gonna calate l'hopital's method to solve this fucking limit.
i reckon we should calate a movie.
let's calate some E.
let's calate. now. in public.
by rick marin May 12, 2004
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