1.someone who is a bitch because he cant spend one minute away from his girl. if you chilling with him, no matter what you're doing, he will leave at the wim of his girl. he will allow his girl to display what use to be his balls, and what is now her new trophy, to eveyone with no shame. if you can hang out with him bet that his girl will be there.
oh, brian? he is a cake ass nigga. he has been with his girl the whole time.
by dontuserealname1243 June 20, 2011
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someone who pulls some hoe shit like ditchin they friends for a girl; someone who is soft,that get punked all the time and don't do shit about it
1. Jim- "ay Jon, u bout to go to the club with us and pull some hoes yo girlfriend outta town u need to have some fun." Jon- "naw man i'ma play pillow talk with ma girl and talk to her all night."
2.Some body that gets ranked and doesn't do nething about it.Ex.-Tim- "man Don, u so dark that if somebody did a drive-by on u, the bullets would come back and ask for a flashlight." Don-(says nothing at all and contiunes to get ranked cause he a cake ass nigga)
by Anthony January 3, 2005
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1. Someone that hangs out with their bitch 14 days in a row, minus religous holidays.
2. Tony.
he's not a fag, he's just a cake ass nigga
by zza January 8, 2008
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