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when a girl has a shaved pussy with little bits of hair starting to grow back that prick you.
your mom has a major cactus cunt problem.
by colin nordheim January 23, 2006
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The cactus cunt is the third stage in the growth of female pubic hair. The first stage is a fuzzy peach that quickly evolves into a prickly pear. The third stage takes time, but when in full effect it can greatly hinder sexual performance.
Dave: so how was your date last night? Did you make it to third base?

Adam: I got a home run man, but my lower abs got chaffed to shit by her cactus cunt.

Dave: that's rough bro.
by Plebeian July 08, 2017
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A vagina that has been full of pricks often resulting in diseases. A woman who is a cactus cunt rarely wants just one guy
She had multiple children to different fathers it caused an influx of children and trips to the doctors for the entire community must have been a cactus cunt
by chops82 December 29, 2014
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